Project #2 Documentary

Our second group project was focused upon my pole dancing instructor Nikki Craven, or known by her stage name as The Descending Angel. She has been pole dancing for 11 years now and watching her dance is always a joy. Nikki was incredibly forgiving of the time dedicated to setup for her dance and interview. She was patient and kind and allowed us to utilize her studio for quite awhile after hours.

The easiest part of the whole process was getting the dancing. Nikki didn’t use any specific choreography, just following her sense of dance and rhythm she had built up over the years. She did follow a specific song we picked, but because her movements were not specific it allowed us to choose other songs potentially and fit them in.

One of the more difficult parts of it was getting Nikki to talk. She is typically a very talkative person, but not much of a story telling person, the kind of stuff we were looking for, so it took some prodding but we were eventually able to get her to open up more and explain more with better questions and more understanding of them.

It was awesome to hear Nikki talk about her history with Pole dancing and the perceptions around it, because a lot of it was relate-able and  could understand. I hoped that my perceptions and thoughts, even though I was pole dancing myself, would be reflected by the audience and they would get the same understanding and appreciation.

Working with truth can always be difficult as reality may not always be as interesting as fiction can be. You cannot benefit truth with fiction and thus must rely that the subject will spin an interesting tale. I believe that we achieved that with Nikki, and hopefully more people will be interested in the art and fitness of Pole Dancing.


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