Distracted Driving PSA


Creating the sound design for this PSA was actually very interesting. I used quite a few different pieces of sound effects and music and adding each piece made my stop motion really come to life. The only issue I really had was with the time constraints, as music had to be cut off somewhat sharply, though a transition effect took down the harshness. Overall I feel my execution was pretty good and I am proud of my project.

The very first sound starts off with the Start Screen. I wanted to use opening game music, but throughout my entire search of FirstCom I could only find a few songs that were close to matching the kind of arcade feel I was going for, and even then it didn’t flow with the actual game music that I chose. Instead of having mismatched, and disjointed music I went with the sound effect of a quarter dropping into a slot. This emphasizes that arcade feel I emphasized earlier.

The next step was the setup to the actual race. For the countdown buzzer I used a alarm clock off of the sound effect library. The first three buzzes for the 3… 2…. 1 are all the same, and the Start buzz is actually the same with the pitch adjusted. I wanted all of the buzzes to be the same tone so they all matched. I also found drag racing sounds in the sound effects library to make the car sound like it was getting ready to take off.

The music for the actual game I was pretty happy with. It got that peppy, excited, racing feel that I wanted without being too obnoxious. I’m not sure if there is an actual video game/arcade game playlist or library on FirstCom because finding this type of music was extremely difficult. If there is one that anyone knows of then please leave the name of it in the comments, I would greatly appreciate that.

While the actual game is going on I used a person hitting a car sound effect for when the dinosaur characters are being hit by the race car in the game. Along with that I found a sound effect of a man moaning to emphasize the fact that these dinosaurs have been hit, and it was very painful and overall not cool. The sound effects here should hopefully raise the sense of guilt, especially associated with the fact that you are killing these dinosaurs in order to gain items that would distract you while driving.

The final piece of sound is for the actual PSA part of this video, the white text and somber mood. I found a piece of music from a documentary playlist, the music reflecting somber thoughts and reflection. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite piece of music for it, not because of the feel, but because of the awkward length of it. Trying to get it to fit in my time frame was a bit frustrating, but I was unable to find another piece of music that matched what I wanted.


One thought on “Distracted Driving PSA

  1. Overall I feel that this PSA is very strong. It tells a story in a simplistic way that many people and young adults can relate to. Video games are a great way to link different generations because of how historically significant they are to United States Culture. The clay aspect also worked well for this project because of all the hills and valleys created while representing the movement of the car. Anther part that I liked was how the dinosaurs came in and out. Ripping them to increase or decrease their size was brilliant. The graphics told the story that we needed to understand about unsafe driving while being distracted. The work as a whole is completely understandable and cohesive. However, there are some minor adjutants that would have made the whole thing better from my perspective.
    The first thing is the opening graphic has a lot of words in a short amount of time. I had to watch it a couple of time realized that the colors of the dinosaurs represented all different parts of distracted driving. A way I would think of redoing it is instead of using dinosaurs you could use the objects that are distracting like food and a cell phone (but I loved the dinosaurs). Also when the car hits the animals a graphic come up that you collected a part of distracted driving. I feel that these graphics are a little to fast and go by unnoticed. I don’t know how to change it, but maybe adding a sound when they hit the car like a text tone mixed with the hitting sound to grasp that that dinosaurs represents that specific area of distracted driving. The final thing with the stop motion itself was the end; I really wished the car got smaller while driving down the road. Just like the way to ripped up the dinos I feel like if you did that to the cars it would create a string illusion of the car going into the distance.
    The only other part I have a critique on is the change in tone at the end. It goes from happy fun game to a serious ASPCA type of vibe. It gives the PSA comedic effect, but I feel your piece would have been stronger if the sad music was left out. I also I do not think you need to fade in between graphics at the end I feel like cutting will give the views more time to read what is on screen. The final part to these graphics is the spacing I realized that the font causes small spacing between words, but for me it is hard to read. I would try double or triple spacing the words to give more room so that the words do not look like they’re on top of each other. All together is a strong PSA.


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